Welcome to Woolston Brook School.

The Head teacher post has now been filled for  a September start

I may be biased but I recommend the job – this is a great place to work, with a talented team supporting amazing pupils. ( this remains true)

We moved into our refurbished site in September 2015 . It is a bright, vibrant building where the staff and pupils work together to ensure that it is astounding.

We are a small school of up to 72 boys and girls, 56 in the secondary department and 16 in the primary department (known as the Cardell Centre). To help the pupils make progress they are taught in small classes (usually no more than 10) with both a teacher and a teaching assistant. We believe it is very important that pupils are ready to learn and as a result we start every day with a nurture session and have a pastoral team that will help keep pupils on track throughout the day.

We run a number of intervention lines on the timetable to ensure that pupils who are struggling with their work or behaviour can still make progress. High attendance is an expectation at our school and the curriculum is one of the ways we can ensure this happens.

We engage in a lots of activities on site and off site, but we also offer the pupils a strong curriculum that allows them to leave our school with a range of GCSEs and additional qualifications that will help them gain access to college courses in the future. We also offer meaningful enrichment subjects like Princes Trust, which as well as gaining them valuable qualifications also complements the strong PSHE curriculum and prepares them for the world of work.

Our staff and our pupils are actively involved in helping mainstream schools with pupils who are struggling. Our staff do this on request but also as part of the authority wide SEMH/ASD lead teacher team. Our pupils do this via delivering sports leadership sessions in school or by mentoring individual pupils. Our pupils often have great strengths and we believe it is important for them to demonstrate them.

We like to work very closely with parents and enjoy feeding back the successes of the pupils on a regular basis, not just relying on the review process. This is a two way communication and it allows parents and carers to talk to us about any concerns and this can often lead to more effective interventions for the pupils in school.

By working together I believe we will get the best results for the pupils


Mike Frost